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Types of Windows in Charlotte, NC.

Because Charlotte is a city of eclectic styles, its homes are made of a series of eclectic styles and eras. From colonial to modern and everything in between, Charlotte offers it all. Some homes mix styles and some are pure to specific tastes, but each home uses its windows to make a different statement about personal style. Here are some Charlotte, NC window styles utilized to make a bold statement.

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Casement Windows: There are three main types of windows, and one of the most common is the casement window. These Windows crank out rather than pushing up, which echoes older times when all operable windows were created just so. Some homeowners choose these to make an aesthetic statement, because they offer the least interruption in the grill pattern, and some homeowners choose them because the prefer the mechanics themselves. However, no matter which reason homeowners choose a casement window, these Charlotte, NC windows will make a beautiful statement to any style home.

Double-Hung Windows: Double hung windows are by far the most popular type of Charlotte, NC window. They utilize a push-up mechanism for opening, and often come with a locking feature to prevent break-ins and child accidents. While they do produce more interruption in the grill pattern, many find that the styles available for double-hung grills better suit their aesthetic as a homeowner. These are perfect for more modern and classic styles, both craftsman and contemporary alike.

Fixed Windows: While no home has an entire window system made of fixed windows, many Charlotte, NC window systems utilize fixed windows in an inaccessible area of the home to create a smooth, seamless look. Inoperable fixed windows are cheaper than operable ones, both of the double-hung and casement varieties, and require less maintenance in the long run. They also offer more style variety, because they can fit in smaller or larger spaces than an operable window can accommodate.

These are the tree main types of Charlotte, NC windows, but even within these categories there are limitless options and choices. Homeowners’ selection choices are limitless when it comes to Windows, and can depend largely on both style and budget range.


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