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5 Signs You Should Get a Window Siding Replacement.

Homeowners often neglect to take care of their windows and siding. Unfortunately, this can lead to many issues, such as excess moisture and even a mold or pest infestation. While your windows and siding don’t need to be cleaned as much as other aspects of your home, it’s important to recognize when to get a replacement. So, continue reading to learn about five common signs that you should get a window siding replacement.

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Noise: Does it seem like there’s no barrier between the interior and exterior of your home? Do your neighbors complain about your noise, even if you aren’t being loud? If so, you might have faulty windows and siding. This means that your windows and siding are most likely falling short at insulating your house and keeping noise contained. Since this is a larger issue, a repair wouldn’t fix it. Instead, you need a window siding replacement.

Moisture: One of the most obvious signs that you need a window siding replacement is if excess moisture seeps through your windows, roof, and walls. If you experience a leak every time it rains or snows, this most likely means that your windows and siding are deteriorating. Unless you have recently repaired or replaced your windows and siding, this is completely normal. Like everything else in life, windows and siding eventually age and become weaker and less resistant than they were before.

High Energy Bill: Another overwhelming sign that you should get a window siding replacement is if your energy bill is unusually high. A high energy bill usually indicates that your windows and siding aren’t doing a great job at adequately insulating your house.

Visible Signs of Wear: If your windows and siding look old and worn out from the outside, that usually means the inside is also old, worn out, and deteriorating. Visible signs of wear include scratches, cracks, warping, peeling, and missing pieces.

Change of Design: Lastly, you might want to replace your windows and siding solely for personal design reasons. If you are tired of the design and appeal of your windows and siding, and want to make them more modern and appropriate for your home’s design appeal, you should replace them.

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