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Take This Quiz to Find Out if You Need a Window Replacement or Repair in Charlotte, NC!

Everyone knows that windows have to be repaired and replaced. But, distinguishing between the right time to repair or replace your windows can be difficult. That being said, take this quiz to find out if you need a window replacement or a window repair in Charlotte, NC!

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Are your windows cracked or broken?

  1. The glass has a few minor cracks, but nothing too serious.
  2. The glass has more than a few cracks.

Are there any signs of rotting?

  1. Just minor signs, such as wood chipping.
  2. Overall, my windows look worn out. The wood is chipping, paint is peeling, and moisture seems to be backed up.

Are there any missing pieces along the trim?

  1. No, or maybe just a small section.
  2. Yes! The trim seems to be practically falling apart.

Do you feel like your windows trap sound?

  1. Sometimes I can hear people outside, but maybe they’re just being too loud.
  2. I hear everything that passes by my window, and I’m pretty sure anyone who is outside ca hear me.

When was the last time your windows were completely replaced?

  1. Less than 30 years ago.
  2. More than 30 years ago.

When was the last time you repaired your windows?

  1. Less than 15 years ago.
  2. More than 15 years ago.

Do your windows leak when it rains or snows?

  1. Only if it rains or snows really hard.
  2. Yes! Even a small drizzle or flurry results in a pool of moisture by my windows.

Are you planning on selling your home?

  1. Maybe in ten years or so. But, not any time soon.
  2. Yes, as soon as possible or within the next few years.

Can you open and close your windows with ease?

  1. Sometime I have trouble opening and closing one window, but I can usually open and close it with ease.
  2. No! It’s always a struggle to adequately open and shut my windows.

Do you want to change the design of your windows?

  1. Not really. I feel like my windows suit the style of my home.
  2. Yes! The design is old and doesn’t match the style of my home.

A’s: While your windows aren’t in the best shape, you don’t need to replace them just yet. Instead of jumping the gun on an expensive window replacement, consider a window repair in Charlotte, NC. It should be noted that if you neglect to schedule your window repair in Charlotte, NC soon, your windows could become worse and lead to more serious and expensive problems. After your window repair in Charlotte, NC, your windows should be in good enough condition to last another ten years or so.

B’s: Unfortunately, a window repair in Charlotte, NC isn’t going to fix all of your window problems. Instead of a repair, you need a window replacement. Although a window replacement might be pricy, it’s important to remember it will pay off in the future because you won’t have to worry about having unsafe, unreliable, and weak windows. Also, your new windows will boost the value of your home.

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