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If you home needs repairs, or if it’s just lacking the beautiful vigor you see in homes on Pinterest or in home improvement magazines and TV shows, you might be considering some exterior repairs or replacement renovations. If so, here are some lovely window and siding replacement options that are sure to make your home pop and stand apart from all the rest.

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New Clad Windows: While most homes use standard vinyl Windows, and old homes can often have windows that lack insulation but have great character, you can have the best of both worlds with upgraded clad Windows. These utilize character-grade charm with superior insulation, offering you a great aesthetic and a green alternative to outdated antique Windows. This can be a beautiful part of a window and siding replacement project.

Siding Replacement: One of the easiest ways to utilize the changes a window and siding replacement project can offer is to have your entire siding replaced with something updated, modern, and classic. Vinyl and wood options are affordable and can add some beautiful texture and visual interest to a home. There are so many options with siding that it’s impossible to be unable to find something that suits your aesthetic and brings your home to life. With wood and cement siding, you can choose literally any color on the planet to paint your home, but this requires more maintenance in the long run than vinyl siding which still offers you many choices and options for your home’s exterior.

Finishing Touches: There are many options many homeowners fail to realize are offered to them when it comes to a window and siding replacement project. Touches as simple as adding shutters or window accents can make all the difference to a home, and are by far the most affordable way to add interest to an exterior. By adding these small touches, you can add a je ne sais que to your home, making it stand out from your neighbor’s in a classic and timeless way.

These options and more are available to homeowners seeking window and siding replacement projects, and a simple google search can reveal even more options that exist for these projects. As a homeowner, there’s no doubt you want your home to stand apart from the rest, and these are some of the simplest and most affordable ways to bring your home to the next level.


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