Wind Damaged Roofs

Wind Damaged Roofs.

Wind damage roof repairs are often needed in an emergency. The damage could be from a high gust of wind that took off a few shingles, or the damage could be more extensive, where much more of your roofing might have been taken off, leaving your home open to the elements.

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Evergreen Construction Solutions Is About Helping People: Regardless of whether the damage involves a few shingles or massive damage caused by a tornado or other severe storms, Evergreen Construction Solutions can help. As our name says, we are about solutions. If your home is damaged by a storm, we understand that you want the repairs made quickly and professionally. Also, in the event your home is damaged by a storm, we are here to help you. While some companies are looking for a quick buck, we are looking to earn something more than a dollar. We want to earn your trust and respect. We are a local company located in Charlotte and serve Charlotte and the surrounding region. This is important to know because after the storm passes and the repairs are completed; we will still be here. That means we know our reputation in the community is important. We cannot stay in business by taking advantage of people harmed by a storm. Our business is about far more than wind damage roof repairs. We help people put their lives back in place by doing the repairs that are needed so they can return to their homes. That is how we look at it; our business is helping people when they are most in need of help.

We will also work with your insurance company to help you get the assistance you need from your insurer.

All Wind Damage is Serious: We take all wind damage roof repairs serious because what appears to be minor damage can allow moisture to enter your house and cause extensive damage. Moreover, it does not take much moisture to cause wood to rot, ceiling tiles to sag and mold and mildew growth to explode.

At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we are about roofs. We are particularly about helping people who need wind damage roof repairs.


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