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Have you had a little more storming that your Charlotte, NC, roof can handle? Evergreen Construction Solutions is here for you as you deal with a leaking roof or extensive water damage. We know that this can be a very frustrating experience for a homeowner, especially if the water damage seems unmanageable. One thing that is helpful to know is that roofs that are not past their expiration date and have still been victims of or causes of water damage can often be under warranty.  There are several different kinds of warranties, one or more of which you may benefit from for repairs on your Charlotte home.

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If you have a leaking roof or water damage, there could be a product warranty for the specific material on your roof. This applies to slate, tile, asphalt shingles, steel or other types of materials. If your Charlotte home already has problems and the material is not performing as promised and has caused water damage, the manufacturer of the product may be entitled to pay you to replace the problematic spots. Any conditions that affect the quality of the roof or other material may be covered under warranty. We at Evergreen Construction Solutions in Charlotte can help you sort through this and arrange many aspects of the compensation process if this applies to your situation.

Another type of warranty that could help you if you have a water damage issue caused by faulting roofing is a workmanship warranty. This means that the companhy which installed your roof provided you with a contract that the roofing was installed correctly or in less than a professional way. Also, if anything that caused the water damage was due to your installer not following codes and procedures, you could see if that applies to the warranty. We at Evergreen Construction Solutions in Charlotte, NC, can help you determine if this is applicable to your roof.

Although these types of warranties protect against some areas where water damage may be a factor, it doesn’t 100% guarantee that your specific problem will be covered under warranty. It is important to maintain your Charlotte, NC, roof regularly and check it especially after there has been a weather incident, as there often is in Charlotte. Warranties cannot guarantee that a product will always work appropriately since there are many factors in Charlotte and elsewhere that could cause water damage and not be covered.

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