Vinyl Siding Installers

The Importance of Vinyl Siding Installers.

In recent years, vinyl has become an extremely popular siding material. After all, it’s cheaper, more durable, and argumentatively more attractive than wood. The only real disadvantage of vinyl is the necessity for hiring a professional specifically trained in vinyl to install it. So, continue reading to learn why it’s important to hire vinyl siding installers instead of general siding installers!

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Vinyl Hangs Differently: One of the most important reasons why you should hire vinyl siding installers is that vinyl hangs differently than any other material. While most materials need to be tightly attached to a house, vinyl needs to be freely hanging. But, it’s important for professionals to differentiate between hanging too tightly and too loosely. For example, if vinyl is hung too loose it can noisily rattle against your home.

Vinyl Moves: Since vinyl is hung loosely, it moves. Vinyl siding installers know how to properly place vinyl in a way that it won’t butt into any other aspect of your home. But, someone who isn’t specially trained to work with vinyl might not realize this and improperly place the material.

Specific Trim: The unique way that vinyl needs to be hung and the way vinyl moves are the reasons why specific trim needs to be used with vinyl. Only vinyl siding installers know how to craft trim that will cooperate and function alongside vinyl.

Overlapping Technique: Another thing that makes vinyl different from wood and other siding materials is the way it overlaps. Most vinyl pieces meet around one inch. This are is where one vinyl piece is supposed to overlap with another. Depending on specific spacing and overall size of the house, this overlapping area might be smaller or larger. But, it requires a specific technique to properly overlap vinyl.

Specific Materials and Equipment: TOverall, vinyl specialists use specific materials and equipment to install vinyl that other siding installers might not have access to, or be aware of. If you’re interested in hiring a professional service that specializes in vinyl siding, contact Evergreen Construction Solutions today!


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