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Vinyl Siding in Gastonia NC.

Gastonia, North Carolina reaps the benefits of low taxes and great prices on homes. Homeowners are able to buy better homes for less than the price they would pay if they lived in the neighboring city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and this frees up a lot of money to make home improvements. To compliment the charming downtown of Gastonia and the retail enterprise that flows through the entire city, residents often choose to add vinyl siding in Gastonia, NC to their homes, enhancing their features and contributing to the style of the home itself. Here are some Gastonia, NC vinyl siding options that many homeowners find add a beautiful aesthetic and a low-maintenance longevity to their exteriors.

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Lap siding is by far the most common form of Gastonia, NC vinyl siding. It compliments both stone and brick foundations and accents, and it’s a classic take on vinyl siding that mimics wood lap siding beautifully. It comes in an array of colors, textures, and sizes, and is a low-maintenance alternative to wood or cement siding.

Shake Siding: Vinyl shakes can come in a stained cedar look or a wood painted look. It comes in many sizes and colors, offering a beautiful accent to other types of vinyl siding, or as a great way to add texture to the entire home when standing alone. Some shake vinyl siding is more convincing than others as authentic wood siding, but no matter the style or brand chosen, homeowners enjoy this siding as an alternative that requires very low maintenance, especially considering the fact that cedar or stained siding requires annual or bi-annual treatments to maintain their luster and composure.

Board and Baton Siding: Board and Baton siding is a great accent on a gable or a wall of a home, bringing softness and visual interest to an otherwise bland surface. This siding provides a dual-texture event, with wood-look planks alongside wood-look strips to bring depth to the area. Many homeowners place this with brick to create a traditional craftsman style look, but no matter how homeowners choose to use board and baton it brings a classic, timeless look to the home.

These are the three main types of vinyl siding in Gastonia that homeowners are enjoying, and should you choose to place them on your home in a combination or as a stand-alone feature, they’ll provide your home with a low-maintenance, beautiful look that you’ll enjoy for decades to come.


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