Vinyl Cedar Siding

Materials in Review: Vinyl Cedar, Fiber Cement, and Wood Siding.

Throughout the past few decades, siding material options have evolved. Originally, homeowners only used natural wood as their siding material. Today, homeowners have the opportunity of choosing from an array of different siding materials. In this article, we’re going to explore three of the most popular siding options: vinyl cedar siding, fiber cement siding, and wood siding.

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Vinyl Cedar Siding: Vinyl cedar siding has quickly become the most popular siding material currently available on the market. Nowadays, majority of newer residential homes are made with vinyl cedar siding. A lot of homeowners choose vinyl cedar siding for its minimalistic style and traditional clapboard layout. If homeowners want to take a more modern approach, they can choose to lay this material in a shingle layout. Other advantages of this material include aluminum coverage, a low level of maintenance, and a longer lifetime than other materials. As for its disadvantages, this material doesn’t have the exact naturalistic aesthetic fulfillment that wood has.

Fiber Cement Siding: Another popular siding material is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is popular for its mock appearance of authentic wood. This material virtually has every benefit of wood and none of wood’s disadvantages. Unfortunately, the material does have its own disadvantages. If you are interested in purchasing fiber cement siding, expect to pay a high initial cost for the material itself, as well as a specialist to install it.

Wood Siding: TLastly, wood siding is a traditional siding material that continues to remain popular. Most wood siding materials are made out of cedar, unless a homeowner custom orders a special exotic wood. Cedar typically comes in brown or red hues. Ultimately, the color of this material is determined upon the type of prime and sealant used, as well as any stain or paint. Although wood is aesthetically pleasing and durable, expect to pay a decently high price and maintain it regularly to minimize the possibility of early rotting.

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