Types of Roof Construction North Carolina

3 Main Types of Roof Construction North Carolin.

The uppermost part of a building is the one that is referred to as the roof. Currently, there are several types of roof construction North Carolina area, all of which are meant to protect the building form weather conditions, such as snow, rain, wind and sun from the upper side. In this regard, the roof in your home or business premises should be stable, strong, weatherproof as well as fire resistant. If you are having a new building roofed or are renovating the roof in your home to give the house a new appearance, you must have realised that there are several roof constructions you can use. Each of the available roof constructions today has its benefits and downsides, as mentioned below.

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Pitched Roof Construction: RThis is one of the commonest types of roof construction North Carolina today and features a slope of not less than 10 degrees from the horizontal plane.  While the symmetrical pitched roof is the commonest, the slope used on the roof may be varied, depending on various aspects, including the climate, span and the roof material. Pitched roofs are less time consuming and do not require any form of weatherproofing. However, pitched roofs are less durable and may be expensive to install in applications that require the installation of a false ceiling.

Flat Roofs: A flat roof has a slope of between one and five degrees from the horizontal plane and their construction is similar to the construction of the floor. As compared to the other two types of roof construction North Carolina area, flat roof must have Terracing to protect them against adverse effects of weather elements. The preference of flat roofs by some homeowners today may be due to the fact that they are comparatively safer, as compared to the other roof constructions.

Shell Roofs: As compared to the other types of roof construction North Carolina area, shell roof constructions are primarily used to meet architectural purposes, although the roof also meets functional requirements. Shell roofs are commonly used in public buildings, such as theatres, libraries, factories, workshops and recreational facilities. This type of roof construction is more economical when used in places where a comparatively bigger area needs to be covered.

While these types of roof construction North Carolina area may differ in application, all of them can enhance the aesthetical appeal of the properties they are used on. To understand which type of roof will work best for your building, you should consult with an experienced roofing contractor in the region.


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