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Evergreen Roofing: What Makes a Great Roofer?

After a storm hits and a large number of people are floundering to find a roofer, knowing what to look for in a roofer is vital. It may seem like all the good roofers are taken after widespread damages, but if you know exactly what to ask and look for in your search you’ll be one step ahead of the roofer-search game. These are the elements that make up all the top roofing contractors.

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Has Broad Experience: Since houses can be so unique from one to another, each having its own complications and features, hiring a roofer with broad experience will be important when you consider a roofer. You want to be confident that whatever your complication the roofer you’re working with is a top roofing contractor and will have encountered your situation before.

Works With Insurance: BThe first question about any contractor should be, “Do you work with my insurance company?” Hiring a roofer who doesn’t can result in prolonged wait times for you, more work, and potentially being unable to use the roofer in the end. This is a deal breaker for many homeowners with weather damages.

Is Insured: You don’t only want your roofer to work with your insurance, but top roofing contractors will also have his own insurance for the job. You’ll rest easy to know that should any accidents happen you know that the roofer holds liability for the incident and can cover damages.

Can Do More than Roofing: Certain other homeowner duties go along with roofing, and it’s very important that your top roofing contractor is capable of them as well. Window replacement and gutter care are commonly needed when roofing damages have occurred, and it can save you as a homeowner a ton of headache to have a roofer that is capable of doing all three in the same job. It’s hard to coordinate with contractors, let alone several all at once. Your contractor should organize the job for you, and a top roofing contractor will be able to handle that for you.

There are certainly other factors that play into making up the top roofing contractors, but if you want to have a jump start in finding a great roofer when storms hit, considering these things first will be a great start.


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