Storm Damaged Roof

One of Life’s Biggest Misfortunes.

Imagine life is going well, your home doesn’t need any repairs, your kids are getting along, your dogs haven’t destroyed anything in weeks, and you were just promoted at work. And then BAM! Life hands you a lemon and a tree falls on your house when an unexpectedly furious hurricane hit a nearby beach. You’re furious! Everything was so perfect, and now your family has to move into your mother’s house until you find a roofer to for your storm damaged roof, and God knows how long that’ll take. You don’t know if any other damage has happened, like windows and gutters, and you have to hire people to take a look at those, too. And then you remember, “No! Insurance!” You will have to deal with an insurance company, and that one might take the cake.

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There’s a Better Way: What if we told you that you don’t have to go through all of that? What if there were a roofing company that could do all of that for you? We have good news! At Evergreen we treat every customer’s home like it’s our own, offering expedient, excellent results every single time. We minimize your repair time by handling the entire process for you. We talk to insurance, and we replace and repair windows and gutters as well.

We Value Excellence: We don’t only make things easier for our customers. We do handle the process from top to bottom, but we handle it with excellence and professionalism. We will truly treat your property as we would our own, and we understand how valuable your home is to you. We have seen every range of damage and have performed repairs and replacements on every type of roof. We know how to repair your home, beyond your storm damaged roof.

If you choose Evergreen when you experience a storm damaged roof, prepare to have a painless experience with your roof repairs. You will receive exemplary service with all your storm damage needs, and we will execute your project perfectly. Call Evergreen Contracting anytime you have a roofing need, and we’ll make your roof repairs and replacements pain free!


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