storm damage to roof

The Predicament of Roof Damage.

Sadly, bad things happen. Storms roll through that were much more horrible than expected, and sometimes homeowners incur storm damage to the roof. This is probably one of life’s biggest inconveniences, and for some can contribute to many other challenges. Often when there’s storm damage to a roof, homeowners even have to leave their homes until damages are repaired. They have to coordinate all the repairs for their storm damage, sometimes to more than the roof, but one of the biggest hassles is finding a roofer. After storms that cause damage, many homeowners are seeking a roofer and all local roofers are over-occupied!

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But Look No Further!: We know that it can be difficult to find a roofer, and that if you’ve incurred storm damage to your roof then you’re going through a lot of stress and headache. But at Evergreen Contracting, we are committed to making life easy for all of our customers. We’re capable of handling many roofs in any given week, and you should give us a call should you find storm damage to your roof.

We Do Everything For You: We will take care of your entire project from roof repair to window and gutter replacement or repair, we do it all. We even speak with insurance companies so you don’t have to! Imagine having a home that’s incurred storm damage to the roof, but at least the repair process is taken care of and all you have to worry about is waiting an expedient amount of time to have your project completed. We make the process so much easier, and we execute every part of the process promptly and with exceptional standards. We’ve seen it all, as we have decades of combined experience, and can handle any complication that’s come your way.

If you’ve experienced the misfortune of storm damage, don’t forget to give Evergreen Construction a call. We promise to make your repair experience seamless and exceptional.


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