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Charlotte NC hail damage is often serious enough to cause major structural damage to roofs, jeopardizing the health and safety of your family. If you’ve suffered from hail devastation, Mecklenburg county has a variety of hail damage roof repair experts that can help, including Evergreen Construction Solutions’, Charlotte’s most trusted storm damage roof repair expert.

We at Evergreen Construction Solutions’ offer some of the best roof leak repair Charlotte NC has ever seen, and we stand by the excellence of our repairs. Our services include free hail damage roof inspections, advice on protecting your roof from further storm and hail destruction, and storm damage restoration Charlotte NC services that will repair your roof and bring it back into its original state.

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Hail Damage Charlotte NC Roof Repair.

First of all, it’s worth knowing what kind of damage hail storms can do to your roof. In the major storms that occur in North Carolina, hail balls are often larger than golf balls. The kind of impact generated by hail that large is devastating to your shingles, and can cause cracks in their surface, break off hinges, or even break them in half, causing them to shift position on your roof or even fall off completely.

Although asphalt, while definitely more resistant, they too can break apart in hail storms. We’ve seen it all too often and it’s sad. The worst part, though, is when the wind comes around and blows away your broken up shingles. This can leave bare spots on your roof that will make rain and water damage more severe and dangerous to your home.

Exposed areas of your roof, even if they are shingle-sized, will get severely damaged by water. This can cause leaks, sags, cracks, and even complete breaks in your roof. These breaks could let in further water damage, spreading through your roof and severely compromising its strength. While this isn’t likely to lead to a collapsed roof, the risk of it happening should be enough to concern any homeowner, especially if they have a family.

Thankfully, damage done to your roof by a hail storm isn’t a permanent problem. When hail damage hits your home, your best bet is to call us. We offer the kind of storm devastation roof leak repair Charlotte NC has come to respect and rely on after major hail storms. And don’t forget that hail storms can occur in the summer, as well as the winter. Being prepared for hail storms at all times, including knowing when to reach out to us, is key to protecting your roof and your home from more damage.

Charlotte NC Hail Damage Roof Repair: The hail storms we see in our community can be downright threatening. The weather patterns that come in off the Atlantic Ocean often combine with other patterns to create major storms that just hover over the state and dump bucket loads of hail on the community. Massive chunks of hail can come crashing down onto your roof while you huddle for comfort inside, tearing it to bits.

Thankfully, you aren’t alone in your fight against hail storm roof damage. Our roof leak repair Charlotte experts have been through dozens of storms and they know all too well what kind of damage they cause. As a result, they know how to quickly inspect your home, find the damaged areas, give you an assessment of the damage, and create a repair solution that not only fixes your roof, but which will cost you as little as possible. The idea here is to get your roof repaired quickly, but accurately, so that it doesn’t suffer from any more storm destruction, should another blow through the area.

Our team of Charlotte NC roofing contractors is also trained in helping our customers through the labyrinth that is the insurance claim process. Insurance claims can be difficult to understand, and there are plenty of exceptions and coverage limits that your company may try to apply to your claim. Generally speaking, they are going to try to lower their payment as much as possible, which is often a frustrating fight that people either don’t feel like making or think can’t be won.

However, our team wants to make sure you receive the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. That’s why we have a team of insurance experts who fully understand how to work through the red tape of insurance and to avoid getting brick walled. It’s important to understand this process and to implement it to the fullest possible extent, which is why you can depend on us to handle your insurance claim in the proper manner.

Charlotte NC Storm Damage and Roof Leak Repair

Although hail storm disturbance is among the most threatening problems for roofs in and around the Queen City, they aren’t the only type of storm that might damage your roof. High-wind thunderstorms are also dangerous, especially if your shingles have been left in a state of disrepair after the last hail storm. Damage left by a hail storm in Charlotte NC often leaves your roof open to the more serious side effects of rain and even winter storms. Though we don’t get a lot of snow here in North Carolina, when it does come, it can leave you unprepared and damage your roof.

Our experts understand how wind damage can slowly, but surely, sneak up on your roof and ruin its integrity. That’s why we offer a variety of wind damage roof repair and free roof inspection services that are designed to check your home for minor damage caused by a storm and to repair it as it occurs. Roof damage can start out small, but can become a more significant issue over time. As a result, what might seem like only a minor crack in a shingle can turn into a leak that you just can’t stop.

That’s why it’s worth getting an inspection after any type of storm, no matter how small it might be. Even small, but persistent, windstorms can still cause damage to your roof. Any amount of hail or wind damage can potentially leave your home open to increased water and storm deterioration. That’s why you should let our experts come in and make sure that a tiny and easily fixable problem doesn’t turn into a major disaster. As with major roof repairs, they will look for the least expensive possible roof leak repair plan and work to help ensure that it is covered by your insurance.

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Affordable Charlotte Hail Damage Roof Repair Service

When Charlotte hail storms blow through and cause massive destruction it’s easy to feel financially trapped. Beyond hail damage roof repairs, you might also have to repair your home’s siding, remove damaged trees, and even replace cracked glass in your home and automobiles. That’s why we offer some of the most competitive storm damage roof repair prices in Charlotte. We work hard to make sure that our roof leak repair services are as inexpensive as possible.

With our experience repairing hail damaged roofs, we know the kind of widespread chaos that these storms cause. We’re not here to take advantage of our customers or to artificially raise our prices due to demand. All our estimates are based on a fair assessment of the extent of your roof’s damage left by a storm and the time, and materials, it should take to finish repairs. Price inflation doesn’t interest us: just making sure that you get back to your day-to-day life as quickly as possible.

You’re also not going to get a nasty “surprise” when we finish and our final price was exponentially larger than the estimate due to unexpected repairs. In the case of unexpected roof hail damage repairs that aren’t on our estimates, we will charge you only for the cost of the repair materials, not for the labor. This helps keep your cost to an acceptable level and ensures that our estimate is as accurate as possible.

So if your home is suffering from hail storm devastation and you need a Charlotte NC roof repair company that you can trust, please contact us at Evergreen Construction Solutions’. We can offer you the best and most thorough roof leak repair services in the city.

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