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4 Signs You Need a Siding Repair in Charlotte, NC.

Without quality siding, your home wouldn’t be as insulated, protected, or have the design appeal it does. Unfortunately, quality siding doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you will need repair your siding. But, it can be difficult to determine when you need a siding repair in Charlotte, NC. That being said, continue reading to discover four signs that you need a siding repair in Charlotte, NC!

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Loose Shingles: Loose shingles is one of the biggest indicators that you need a siding repair in Charlotte, NC. You can determine whether or not your shingles are loose a few different ways. If you feel confident enough, you can use a ladder to scale each side of your house, so you can get up close to your siding and physically see if it is loose. If you don’t want to scale the sides of your house, you could also determine if you shingles are loose from inside your house. Typically, loose shingles will clatter against a house when it is windy.

Missing Shingles: Another indicator that you need a siding repair in Charlotte, NC is if there are multiple missing shingles. Just like if you were to determine if you have loose shingles, you could physically search for missing shingles from a ladder. An alternative way to search for missing shingles is looking around the outside of your house.

Cracked Shingles: Cracked shingles usually means your siding is beginning to deteriorate. Typically, siding begins to crack along the edges. If you don’t want to climb a ladder to view your siding up close, search for missing pieces of shingles on the ground around your home.

Washed Out Shingles: Lastly, you should get a siding repair if you shingles look washed out. This can typically be seen from simply looking at your house from your driveway. Washed out shingles usually indicate old age and deterioration, so it’s important to call a contractor, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions, as soon as possible.


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