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How to Hire Siding Installer.

Since finding a siding installer can be difficult, continue reading for a quick guide of how you can hire the best siding installer for you!

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Create a Plan: Before researching siding installers, create a plan. What kind of siding material do you want to use? What aspects are important to you? Take some time and think about different variations of siding materials. Some siding materials are more resistant than others, but that most likely means you won’t have a variety of stylistic options.
Also, take into consideration your budget. It’s important to research average prices for labor and materials in your area, then base your budget off of your research.

Ask People for Referrals: Ask anyone you know if they know any reputable siding installers. If your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors can’t give you a name, you could always head over to a supply store or renovation center. Most of the time, those places can refer you to a few phenomenal siding installers.

Research Online: Even if someone gives you a referral, you should research online for siding installers. Make sure to check reviews and testimonials before committing to interviewing a potential siding installer. After all, you don’t want to waste your time interviewing someone who doesn’t provide quality work.

Interview Potential Siding Installers: After finding a few potential installers, make sure to interview each one. This step is extremely important because it will ultimately help you choose which one is right for you. During interviews, ask installers to show proof of license and insurance. Also, check to see if they’re acting professional. At the end of the interview, think about whether or not you connected on a professional level and if you could see yourself trusting and working alongside them.

Ask for References: Make sure to ask for references from each installer you interview. Then, it’s your job to contact each of these references and even follow-up and check out the work the installer did.

Consider the Whole Picture: Overall, it’s important to consider the whole picture. When deciding whether or not a siding installer is right for you, ask yourself these questions

  • Do they fit into my budget?
  • Are they experienced, educated, and professional?
  • Do they have the right license and insurance?
  • Do I trust them?
  • Do they use the kind of material I want?
  • Do they produce quality work?
  • Do they offer warranties I want?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you have found the perfect siding installer!
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