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5 Signs You Should wReplace Your Siding in Charlotte.

Since interior design is extremely popular, many people forget to attend to their siding in Charlotte. This can lead to many serious problems, such as interior deterioration and lack of insulation. So, continue below to find out five signs that you should replace your siding in Charlotte!

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Peeled Paint: Like most exterior aspects, siding in Charlotte typically remains in good condition for twenty years. That being said, a coat of paint usually lasts half that time. But, if you notice that your paint is peeling early or often, you most likely need to replace your siding.

Soft Pieces: Soft pieces of siding is one of the first indications of rotting. In order to determine if your siding is soft, simply place a sharp objet beneath a piece of siding. If the piece of siding can easily bend and warp, then it is soft.

High Energy Bills: Since siding in Charlotte has a direct influence on insulation and energy bills, siding that’s lacking quality will contribute to an abnormally high energy bill. Basically, as siding becomes older, it begins to lose its insulation features, which means air can easily enter and escape your home.

Mold and Mildew: One of the biggest indications that you should replace your siding is if you notice any mold or mildew within your home. While mold and mildew can be caused by other factors, it is primarily caused by deteriorating siding that allows moisture to seep through.

Loose Pieces: While it’s normal for a few pieces of siding to become loose over time, you should consider replacing your siding if more than a few pieces are loose. In order to determine whether or not your siding is loose, simply examine your siding up close. Also, you can identify whether or not siding is loose by listening for clanking boards.

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