Siding and Window Replacement

How Siding and Window Replacement Relates to Your Home’s Era.

When it comes to architecture, even in residential homes, consistency becomes key as age turns into vintage. To put it simply: the homes that have the most charm later in their lives are the ones whose owners have taken care to maintain the original character of the home. For instance, charming Victorian homes don’t have 1990’s vinyl windows. Therefore, it’s important to remember to use the right siding and window replacements when it comes time for repairs and renovations.

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Window Replacements: Windows are one of the most telling aspects of a home’s age. Windows act in tandem with the aesthetic of the home, and it’s obvious when a homeowner places the wrong era windows on a home. However, many window manufacturers make fully custom windows that mimic the existing Windows in a home. In this case, siding and window replacement can benefit a home by providing energy efficient Windows that can match almost exactly to the ones from the original era.

Siding Replacement: Siding is the other tell-all when it comes to a home’s era. Other than window replacement, siding is the easiest way to completely ruin the aesthetic of a home. When applying stone siding to a craftsman style bungalow, the aesthetic can be lost, leaving the home without a sense of cohesion and direction. However, choosing siding replacement options that compliment rather than contradict the original style of the home can preserve the stylistic integrity of the home completely.

Siding and window replacement can make or break a home. It can echo the style it was built to exude, or it can create a series of contradictions that clash and create elements of chaos.


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