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When looking for roofing in NC, begin your search with Evergreen Construction in Charlotte and we guarantee your search won’t last long. We offer many solutions, and we make a roofing, etc. project seamless and simple for our homeowners. We respect your property like we would our own, and we strive to offer every solution we can for our customers’ roof problems. Here are some of the solutions we offer.

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Insurance Dealings: At Evergreen Construction, we can work with insurance for you. Insurance companies can be an absolute pain to deal with, but this is why we exist. We exist to make your roofing project simple and we handle insurance dealings and estimates directly so you don’t have to. Our NC roofing company aims to make your experience as nice as our end result.

Window Replacement and Repair: Not only can we handle insurance companies, but we can handle elements of repairs besides roofing as well. It’s extremely common for the same weather that destroyed a roof to also damage some windows as well, and we want our homeowners to have a simple experience that includes all repairs. We can both repair and replace damaged windows, and we have dealt with every type of window, even historic or old windows.

Gutter Installation: Gutter repair often goes along with roofing repair, since they are adjacent and experience many of the same conditions. Save yourself the trouble of finding a separate contractor with your gutters by trusting our NC roofing company to handle your gutters for you. We can repair and replace, and our knowledge and experience on gutters are broad.


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