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Charlotte, NC is equipped with a plethora of contractors of all kinds, and Matthews, NC roofing is at its best with Evergreen Contractors. We’re a roofing service prepared to handle roofing, window replacement, and gutter replacement and repairs, and we are experienced in a broad arena of styles and complications. Here are some of our best features and services, and these are what make us the best roofing in Matthews, NC.

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We’re Prepared for Anything: At Evergreen Construction, we’re well versed in a wide range of roof styles and potential complications. We know how to handle about any issue that can arise in a repair, and we’re capable to install any type of roofing on a replacement. No situation is too difficult for our team of skilled workers, and we will handle every situation with respect for the homeowner’s property.

We Handle Insurance: One of our most convenient features is that we will handle insurance for you. We know how to communicate with insurance agencies to handle your repair seamlessly and efficiently. If you choose Evergreen Contracting for your storm repairs or other insurance repairs, we guarantee that you’ll save yourself the hassle of calling and communicating with your insurance company. We send estimates directly to them, and we’re experts at talking to them to get the most out of your policy.

We Do More than Roofing: We don’t only handle roofing. More often than not, if weather or some outside force has caused considerable damage to your roof, other areas of the home have been affected as well, namely gutters and windows. We’re fully equipped to perform repairs and replacements on both windows and gutters, and we save you the trouble of calling multiple contractors to complete your home repair project.

These are just some of the things that makes Evergreen Contracting the best roofing in Matthews, NC, and we are committed to growing in excellence and professionalism with each customer we meet. We will execute these services and more flawlessly so that your roofing isn’t a worry for you. Let us handle the work, you just worry about life.


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