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Imagine your home is severely damaged weather and a fallen tree, and your insurance is holding you up as you play the go-between for your roofing company and home insurance. Meanwhile, your entire family is crammed in your parents’ house or a hotel while you deal with both waiting on getting your repairs started and then a contractor who experiences quite a few delays. Some unexpected sub-roofing water damage has occurred, and your roofer isn’t prepared to handle the situation, which makes the project take even longer.
This is precisely the experience we help homeowners avoid at Evergreen Contracting. We’re a Charlotte roofing contractor bent on seeing our homeowners have a seamless roof repair or replacement experience. Here are some things that make our experience better than anyone else.

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We Handle It All: We’re a one stop shop to exterior repairs, and we don’t only put roofs on houses. We offer a comprehensive approach to your repairs by handling insurance companies, windows, and gutters alongside our roofing services. There’s no need to hire a separate contractor for each of these jobs when you’re a busy homeowner, and there’s no need to handle your insurance quote and dealings when we’re experienced in all of the above and can make your life easier by taking it off your hands.

We Have Experience: With Evergreen Construction there is no such thing as complications we can’t handle. We’ve got experienced roofers who have encountered every type of roof on every age house, and we’ve got you covered when something unexpected happens. We handle your entire project efficiently and without preventable delays, and we guarantee that you will be back into your home quickly after extensive damages requiring drastic changes. We treat your property like our own, and will always manage your repairs with considerable professionalism and ease.
At Evergreen Construction, we guarantee that no customer will ever be left hanging or dealing with pesky insurance adjustment complications. We offer project management that allows our homeowners to rest easy with a seamless repair process. We’re one of the best roofing contractors in Charlotte because we possess a strong determination to make your experience as flawless as our work.


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