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Roofing Material Personality Test.

At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we want to have a little bit of fun as your roofing contractor in Concord. We have met many people in the course of our work, and we find that certain types of people have certain preferences in what they want in their roofing contractor. This is just for fun, but take a read below if you live in Concord and look to see what type of behavior you want from your roofing contractor.

These types of materials represent types of things you would want to have in your roofing contractor. We like to think that we bring a little bit of all of these traits to our business in Concord. As your contractor, we can literally help you decide which roofing option you want, but we’d also love to know more about YOU!

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Asphalt Shingle Type: You want things to be practical, affordable, and to make sense when looking for a roofing contractor in Concord. You don’t care so much about aesthetics per se. You want something that will work with your roof style and keep moisture from entering your house. You know that there are so many things to think about because you’ve already considered them all. You want your roofing contractor to be up front with you and treat you like a respected member of the process. If you don’t feel like you have enough control or respect in the operation, you may search around Concord for another contractor.

Wood Shake: You care about protecting your home since it’s an important, emotional place for you, and you want a roofing contractor that can understand you. You view everything through the lense of whether it will will make your home a special place here in Concord since you have so many connections and emotional associations. You want a roofing contractor to take care of the practical, difficult details in your roofing scenario and present them to you in a way that helps you design and enjoy the changes. If your contractor seems brusque or insensitive, you may feel put off, but you will continue with them if they seem committed to making your Concord home the best it can be.

Metal: You most likely distrust the process of hiring a roofing contractor the most out of the types. You wish that you yourself were  the contractor so that you could have complete control of the scenario. You want to help manage the project where possible, and you check in with your roofing contractor as frequently as possible, suggesting ways you think that it can be improved. You may feel frustrated and angry that your contractor doesn’t seem to go about the practical aspects of the project in the exact way that you would, but once you have chosen a Concord roofing contractor you are likely to stick with your own thoroughly researched choice.

Tile: The most idealistic of homeowners, you want your home to be beautiful and resilient. You do your research on roofing contractor in Concord thoroughly and choose who you think would be the absolute best to do the job. Once you have chosen, you have a foundation of trust that this roofing contractor can transform your home into what you want it to be. As long as you feel that they are measuring up to what they agreed to and providing you with quality, you will be the most harmonious of homeowners. If you feel that contract has been breached, you are more likely to change your roofing contractor.

Here in Concord, we at Evergreen Construction Solutions want to be the roofing contractor to all types of people with various roofing needs. We listen to you and do what you want. We stand by what we say we will do. And you don’t even have to take a personality test for us.


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