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Asphalt Roofing Benefits.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC to help you extend the life of your roof in a beautiful and long lasting way, look no farther than Evergreen Construction Solutions. We can help you install the asphalt shingle roof you’ve been thinking about. Asphalt shingle roofing has been the recipient of a lot of misconceptions, and as your Charlotte, NC roofing contractor we would like to help dispel any worry that you may have should you choose a asphalt shingle roof.

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Modern asphalt shingle roofs are durable and long lasting. Some people think of flimsy old farmhouse rooftops from long ago when imagining an asphalt shingle roof, but if it is efficiently and correctly installed by a roofing contractor, the surface should be able to support a human’s weight. It also has the ability to protect your home from inclement weather of many types without being damaged itself by dents and holes. Check with us to see the mph rating of the metal you are interested in.

Asphalt shingle roofs also do not rust as some would believe, due to asphalt shingles under the color that protects the asphalt shingle surface from rusting. Whatever color or look you are searching to use for your house in Charlotte, NC, we can create that look in a lasting material. Whatever the color choice, the surface will stay brilliant with the cosmetic look you are going for. There is a degree of maintenance and care that needs to be given to maintain this look, but it is simple and easy with the right Charlotte, NC, roofing contractor.

If you want your investment to be long-lasting, asphalt shingle roofing is the way to go. It will need to be replaced three times less than a non-metal roof, saving you money in the process. Since you will not have to contact a roofing contractor to replace the roof almost every fifteen years, you will be able to consider this your “forever” roof (with proper care and maintenance) and focus on other areas of your home. Most types of asphalt shingle roofs come with extremely long warranties – between 10-30  years.

Saving on energy costs is another important concern of homeowners in Charlotte, NC, and this is an area where metal roofing is of great benefit. Since it deflects sunlight from your home, often utilizing advanced technology, air conditioning and heating bills go down.


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