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Evergreen Construction Solutions is a company that cares about your roofing and construction needs. There are many different signs that can alert you to the fact that your home’s roofing may need to be replaced. It’s common for homeowners to freak out if they see a problem and assume the worst, but if you work with Evergreen Construction, you will find that not everything means roof replacement. However, some critical factors can indicate you need Evergreen Construction’s help!

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If you have multiple sources of damage to your roofing, you likely will need roof replacement. If there are several repairs that have been done to shingles or places that have been leaking, chances are that you have run out of time with your roofing. Contact Evergreen Construction Solutions to have a roofing construction estimate. If you don’t get your roof replaced when it’s actually time, costs can add up because of damage to your home’s interior or just the constant factor or calling someone in for minor replacements when a new roof can settle the problem.

If your roof is past it’s warranty, then you may be need to call Evergreen Construction Solutions to see about roofing replacement costs. Typically, the warranty for most roofs is around 20 years. If you have a roof past this point, you at least one a consultation to determine what risks you run.

If the materials used for your roofing are out of date, you definitely need to consult with us at Evergreen Construction Solutions. We are experts at replacing roofing and construction materials that are no longer the industry standard. Sometimes old flashing materials can be replaced without replacing the entire roof. It’s one of the benefits of working with a seasoned roofing and construction company.

Also, if you find that your roofing has multiple problems, you might want to consider that it was not installed well. Evergreen Construction Solutions can pinpoint the issues and solve them quickly and efficiently.


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