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We are not like other roofing companies who do multiple types of roofing. Instead, we decided to specialize specifically in asphalt-shingle roofing, because not only is it the most popular option, but we wanted to be really good at just a few things instead of partially good at a lot. We want you to be confident, when you hand the check over for the completion of your project, that we did an amazing job. We have been a roofing company here in Charlotte NC for quite a few years now, and we still get up every morning with the same drive that we had when we first started. Nowadays it is about growing in a massive way for us. We look to be well-known and reputable within the Charlotte NC community.

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Evergreen Construction is all about being the best roofing company Charlotte NC has to offer. We specialize in a variety of different services such as: roof replacement, roof repair, roof installation, window replacement, and gutter installation. We do just about everything you could think of with the exterior structure of the home, and we do quality work.

We want people to think of us when they think of the best roofing company Charlotte NC has to offer. We do not claim to have the lowest prices, but we do claim to be the best roofers in Charlotte NC. We concentrate on asphalt shingle roofing, whether the job is residential or commercial, however as you can guess, most of our business is with homeowners. We have multiple crews, and can do multiple roofs in one day. Matt and I manage this whole company, and we have been friends for years.

We offer emergency roofing services as well, because we understand that with Charlotte NC weather, things can get relatively crazy at times. We ensure that our clients’ homes are able to handle any possible Charlotte NC storm damage by performing multiple roof inspections throughout the year for them. We want you to know that when you hire us, you are receiving our business for life. We aim to capture your business, but more importantly keep it.

There are even times where we invite homeowners to join us on the roof if they would like to! We like to educate and communicate with our clients so as to let them know our process and help them understand why we do the things we do. It gives us the opportunity to explain what separates us from any another roofing company Charlotte NC has.


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