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Types of Roofing.

If you’re building a new house or are having a roof replaced in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may be considering the types of roofs available to you. There are many types of shingles, roofs, and styles to choose from, and here are some that roofing companies in Charlotte typically install for their homeowners.

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Architectural Shingle: The most common roof type is the architectural shingle. All roofing companies in Charlotte are familiar with this type and can install it effectively. It’s commonly used on almost all types of houses, especially craftsman styles, bungalows, and old-world homes. They have varying wind resistance rates and come in many colors and styles. Most are guaranteed for around 30 years and can handle many weather conditions.

Standing Seam Metal Roof: This is the most durable and long lasting type of roof, and one of the most attractive. It comes in different colors and sizes to compliment any home color scheme and size, and it is made of a very durable and resistant metal. The seams between roof sheets are covered by a standing seam, and no bolts are exposed to weather. It’s much costlier than an architectural shingle, but many homeowners feel that its durability, quality, and aesthetic more than make up for the cost of the product and installation.

Regular Metal Roof: Nearly as durable as a standing seam roof and much more cost-effective, a regular metal roof uses quality metal like a standing seam roof, but doesn’t have a standing seam to hid the seams between sheets. Bolts are exposed and require replacing after some time, which also takes away from the aesthetic of the home, but it will last about as long as its costly counterpart and still has a great look from the road.

Whatever type of roof you choose, make sure you find a roofing company in Charlotte, NC that’s well-versed in the kind of roof you’re wanting to install. The more complex the roofline and the more unique the roofing material, the more experienced you want your Charlotte roofing company to be.


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