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We at Evergreen have been roofing Charlotte for quite some time.

We are darn good at it. Roofing has been our livelihood and we have some big dreams for our Construction company here in Charlotte NC. We want people to know that it aint just about the dollar with us, it is about making a difference in people’s lives. The housing market is back on the rise, and we want to be instrumental to homeowners in adding equity and value to their homes. A typical roof replacement can be quite costly for a new homeowner, which is why we do everything we can to lower the price, get the best quality materials, and do our job to perfection.

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Home improvement has kicked up in the past couple years since the housing market crash, and a lot of roofing Charlotte contractors went out of the business. Furthermore, schools have yet to teach kids the trades that they used to learn. These two instances have caused the roofing industry as a whole to suffer quite a bit. It leaves roofing charlotte contractors like us scrambling to find quality sub-contractors to help grow our company.

We are growing quite steadily and have looked at other ways to find good quality hands to help us in our quest to become to the premier roofing Charlotte contractors. We want to be considered the best roofers here in the queen city as we take our reputation quite seriously. We are actually from up north and moved down her because of the weather and opportunity. When the housing market crashed, we looked at closing up shop, but my partner and I decided to move down to Charlotte NC and open up shop in a new location. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we wanted to grow something huge and long-lasting.

These are all reasons why we have put in place a quick payment processing system, so that all of our clients can access and pay with ease. We have also been able to secure a great crew that has been with us since the beginning, and we can tackle even the biggest of roofs in just a single day. We have the best equipment, because we have developed the best relationships with our vendors here locally and we make sure that everything is 100% American-made. We want to make sure that you get the best quality in products, so that when that storm comes your way, you are protected not only by our work, but by what we lay down. Roofing Charlotte NC is a big honor for us and we look forward to roofing your home shortly.


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