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As a local roofing contractor.

As a local roofing contractor, my partner and I have been roofing charlotte NC for years now. When getting estimates on a new roof replacement it can be a challenge finding the right local roofing contractor to perform the roof installation. A new roof can be very expensive, but it has been often labeled one of the best investments for your home in multiple well-known blogs/magazines/and other media sources.

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You want to make sure that a new roof is really what you need, instead of just a roof repair. I know a lot of other roofing companies right here in charlotte NC that will try to upcharge you on a full roof replacement, when you really do not need one quite yet. You want to make sure that you definitely get the best Roofing Charlotte NC contractor has to offer. One that will consult with homes insurance agents to help with the cost when storm damage comes around.

We at Evergreen take our reputation extremely seriously, and know that when you hire us, that you are putting one of the biggest investments you will ever have in your life in our hands. Being a local roofing charlotte NC contractor we try and make a great impression on all the homeowners we come in contact with, because we care, and we enjoy making great friends too. We have a certain motto about us… “We want to keep your business, not just get it.”

Adding equity to your home can be tough, especially when you have a limited budget. One of our favorite parts in the process is helping homeowners make the right decisions on how best to add value to their bottom dollar especially when they are trying to sell their home. Being a homeowner myself I know what the responsibility entails, and being close to the industry, I know what is best when it comes to adding value to the home. One of the reasons we help homeowners with their budget is our new roof replacement coupon. It has helped our business, but more importantly it has helped us connect with people, and help them save money on their investment. Roofing Charlotte NC has been a lot of fun for our crew these past few years and we look forward to roofing your home when you need us.


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