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When You Need to Hire a Roofing and Siding Company.

Roofing and siding companies are more important than you think. Without skilled and reputable roofing and siding companies, houses and other buildings wouldn’t be as durable, functional, and secure as they typically are. That being said, it’s extremely important to hire a reputable roofing and siding company, like Evergreen Construction Solutions, to fix any roofing or siding problems. Continue reading to find out a few reasons when you should hire a roofing and siding company.

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Missing Shingles: One of the leading signs it’s time to call one of the popular roofing and siding companies in your area is when you can visibly see any missing or curling shingles. It’s important to take care of any missing or curling shingles as soon as possible because roof gaps can cause excess moisture to seep through your roof and into your house, which can lead to a weakened structure, future mold growth, and even more serious damage.

Loose Granules: A granule is a small particle that is attached to an asphalt shingle with the intent to make the shingle extremely resistant to factors, such as fire and UV rays. Granules are usually attached to every shingle. Over time, granules will flake and fall off of shingles. These granules could eventually pile up in downspouts or gutters. So, if you see any sign of a granule collection, then that is most likely a sign that you need to hire one of the reputable roofing and siding companies in your area.

Damaged Siding: Damaged siding results from a variety of factors, such as old age, wind, and tree branches waving throughout the air. If your home’s siding is damaged or missing, excess moisture could develop and increase the chances of water damage. In addition to potential water damage, damaged siding could result in less durability and resistance. Thus, your home could be more inclined to weather damage. This could result in your energy bills being higher than normal.

Future Plans: If you’re considering putting your house up for sale, you might also want to consider hiring a roofing and siding company to touch up your roof and siding. Having a durable and recently renovated roof and siding material will increase your property’s value.


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