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A friend of mine just moved to a large city about the same size as Charlotte for work. He is a single guy, works a ton of hours, and just moved into his new home a couple months ago. A storm came in and did some damage to his roofing system during one night. Now my buddy is usually busy, and he did not really know anyone, so he called me to figure out if I knew anyone in the city that was a good quality roofing contractor. We have been performing roof installations in the Charlotte area for quite some time now, and have built quite a large company, but I have not really developed a system in which transplants can find our roofing company easily.

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Outside of simply typing in “roofers near me” in your smart phone I thought, how are you supposed to find our roofing company and get quality roofing work done, because there are a lot of contractors that I would not recommend. We are pretty visible on the web, and we do quite a bit of advertising, but I did not know if that was enough.

You never used to be able to type in google “roofers near me,” and actually be able to find roofers, but are you finding the right ones. Matt and I just came out with our big coupon to create some buzz within our great city. Not only that, we have hyped up our web presence and are looking at starting some community events so get a bigger stronghold, and help welcome those who are from out of town, and are in need to build their network with quality people.

Also, we have put in place these articles, in which we hope you will find. We figured that even if we started to think like you, someone that just moved here and would be searching “roofers near me,” we may get lucky that you will read this article and know that we are looking to add value to your home, and most importantly you as well.

Regardless, we hope you feel most welcome in this great city, and enjoy your time here. If you need any roofing needs, be sure to search “roofers near me” on the web, and look for Evergreen Construction Solutions..


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