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Welcome to Evergreen, where we handle your Charlotte roofing needs and more! We employ the absolute best roofers in Charlotte, and we do it with our customers in mind. With each project, we are acutely aware of every need our customers have for Charlotte roofers, and we aim to meet each need before the customer even knows they have it. We are experts of every kind of roof and age roof, and we never cut corners to save us money. Here are some of our best services, and what makes us Charlotte’s best roofers.

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More Than Just a Roofer: At Evergreen, we offer expert roofing solutions. We’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all, but this doesn’t just include roofing. We are proud to say that we are also experts in window installation and repairs as well as gutter installation and repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle any situation that arrives after a storm or damaging event, and we are committed to making the process as easy for our customers as possible. This includes saving them from having to hire several contractors to complete one job.

We Deal With Insurance: Another of our services that makes us the best Charlotte roofers is our knack for handling insurance claims. We speak directly with insurance companies to get them a quote and handle your claim. At Evergreen, we know how irritating and stressful repairing damages can be, and we’re determined to take as much of the hassle off your hands as you want us to. We value your time and your property, and we want to expertly handle your repairs in the most hassle free way possible.

We Are Professionals: We aren’t a mom-and-pop roofing company with a little bit of standard experience. We’re equipped to handle any and every situation in the most seamless way possible. We’ve seen and experienced a lot of unforeseen complications, as can arise with any renovation or repair project, and have learned to handle them all the most cost-effective and painless way possible. We know how to communicate with homeowners so they’re aware of every step of the process, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our customer service is above all expectations. We don’t want to be your standard roofer. We want to be the best roofers in Charlotte, and we do so with an air of professionalism that most roofers lack.

We’ve seen it all, done it all, and conquered it all. We are equipped to handle anything your roof can throw at us, and we will do it with professionalism and ease. When disaster strikes your home or you’re simply ready for a new roof.


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