The State Fair Brings Tents to Town

Marquee Tents vs Tension Tents vs Freeform Flex Tents.

Marquee tents are large tents made of canvas, polythene, or PVC. These tents are manageable up to 20 feet. Larger marquee tents require professional maintenance crews to assemble and take down. This is similar to most roofing issues. Contact the professionals at Evergreen for roof replacements. Large marquee tents range from 30 feet to 150 feet wide. Most of these tents are held in place by tensioned ratchets or stakes.
A pole marquee tent is held up by a center pole, side poles, and guy ropes. The ropes are attached to stakes hammered into a field.
The tension tent is the newest form of the pole marquee tent. It has fewer poles, and the structural integrity of the tent is maintained by fabric tension.
Freedom tents are an adapted version of the tension tent. Freedom tents are also called stretch tents or flex tents. These tents were developed in South Africa and Australia. These tents utilize nylon and polyester. The poles are made of wood, aluminum, or bamboo.

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The main attraction at most fairs is housed under a tent. Whether it’s beer, horses, or gurus, a tent will surround them. Most games are housed under tents as well. Tents provide protection from the weather, just like roofs do. Contact Evergreen for roof replacements.  Tents also provide a place to go while exploring a crowded fair.

A History of Tents: The first tents were used during the Iron Age. Tents were mentioned in the Bible. Jabal is considered the first person to use a tent. Leather tents were used by the Roman Army. Tents were used to house men in the field. Tents have a similar function to roofs. Contact Evergreen for roof replacements. Tents were later used to house support units. The first military tents had a ridge design. One of the major advances in tent technology was the introduction of linen or hemp canvas.

Nomadic tents were the lifeline for travelers. It provides protection from the harsh environment, just like roofs do. Contact Evergreen for roof replacements. The yurt is an example of a nomadic tent. It was used by people on the steppes of Central Asia.

Sports Stadiums and Retail Districts Have Adopted Tent Designs: Tents have influenced stadium and store construction. The O2 and Munic Olympic Stadium incorporated tent designs into their structure. The parliament building in Norway features designs from the lavvu tent, which was used by the Sami people.


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