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How to Inspect Work Done by a Roof Replacement Contractor.

You planned effectively, purchased the right roofing materials and even hired a licensed and experienced roof replacement contractor for the project and the project is now completed, how do you know whether it was done correctly? This is something homeowners rarely do after a roofing project has come to completion. Others so not know how to tell whether the roof on their building was installed properly or not. The best well to tell whether the new roof on your home was installed properly is to inspect the roof after the contractor has finished installing it. This way, you can hold the contractor accountable for any mistakes they may have made on the roof before parting ways with them. So, how is a new roof replacement inspection carried out?

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Inspect Form the Outside: If you are trying to inspect the work just completed by your preferred contractor, you should start from the outside. This is the part that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions every now and then and the slightest mistake could jeopardise the integrity of the entire roof. Here is how this should be done: take binoculars or just use your naked eyes, in which case you should use a ladder to get a closer look at the roof. You should then observe the overall appearance of your roof and try to identify the following shortcomings:

  • Split, blistered or curled shingles – if the roof has a poor general appearance, it was not done correctly.
  • Exposed nails – a properly installed roof should not have any exposed nails.
  • A considerable accumulation of granules in the gutters – a few granules is normal, but if the amount of granules collected by the gutters is a lot, something is wrong with your roofing material.
  • Is the flashing firmly in place where the roof meets with the walls?

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to carry out a new roof inspection a short period after the roof replacement contractor is done installing the new roof.


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