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Fire Suppression with Your New Roof Replacement.

The Great Chicago Fire accident that occurred in 1871 will remind any homeowner or business owner the importance of fire suppression in their properties. Are you having a roof replacement project carried out in your property? If so, you need to understand that the choice of the replacement roof can enhance the fire suppression properties of your home of business premise. For instance, a considerable number of roofers in the country today insist on fibreglass attic insulation in an effort to suppress fire in your property. Why, you may be wondering. This is primarily because fibreglass cannot burn and will come in handy when combating fire that is originating from within the house. For your new roof replacement, you need to opt for materials that will enhance fire suppression in the property, as discussed below:

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Fibreglass-Asphalt Shingles: This is definitely one of the commonest roofing materials in residential properties today. As such, the material has become one of the most favoured roofing materials by some of the leading roofing contractors in the country today. This may be attributed to the fact that the material is rated against fire, especially for fires originating from within the building. As such, the material will hold together under fire and nor allow some bits of the roof to fall off or be blown off, an aspect that allows fires to spread.

 Shingles for Fire Suppression: For a new roof replacement project in your property, you should consider using fibreglass-asphalt shingles that are Class A-rated. Such shingles are not just fireproof; they are actually fire resistant. Should there be a fire in your property, the shingles will not slide off, break, warp or crack, some of the things that tend to expose the underlying roof deck to the fire. As such, having these shingles installed in your home by a professional roof replacement contractor will definitely enhance fire suppression in your home.

In addition to choosing fire resistant roof replacement materials, you should also minimise fire feeding conditions around your home. For instance, you should cut back any overhanging tree branches on the roof and keep any tall bushes and shrubs away from the sides of the building.


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