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Good Choices for a New Roof Installation

You may not realize just how many roofing options are out there until it comes time to install a new one onto your property. Contact our roof installers to find out which option is the best fit for your neighborhood and we’ll provide a quality roof installation for any style and need. Here are five basic roofing options:

  • Asphalt Shingles. Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing options for residential houses and structures with a slope. Their overlaying design is built for moisture runoff and can take the heat of a blistering sun.
  • Wood Shake. Similar to asphalt shingles in all but the material, wood shake shingles are another overlaying roofing material designed to keep the weather outside and not inside. It has the advantage of a rustic look with the drawback of not being quite as durable as asphalt.
  • Tile. Tile shingles can be made of many different materials and are often used in southwestern-style homes. They tend to be on the expensive side but offer great weatherproofing.
  • Metal. Metal roofs are common both in residential areas and larger warehouse-type buildings. Metal roofs come in sheets rather than shingles, and can be easier to maintain depending on weather conditions. Corrugated tin is an excellent example of this.
  • Slate Shingles. These shingles utilize the overlaying roof design but are made out of rocks that are split into thin sheets. They are as weatherproof as the mountains.

In addition to these types of roofing materials, countless roofing designs and sizes make each roof installation of a roof truly a custom project.

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Roof Installation Charlotte NC.

Installing a new roof is a great investment for your home, one that will last for decades and protect everything and everyone you love. The roof installers at Evergreen Construction Solutions is proud to provide you with high-quality roof installations in Charlotte, North Carolina. As your roof installation contractor, our team is ready to help you figure out the best type of roofing system to fit your unique needs and budget. Picking out the right system now helps you ensure optimal performance and longevity in the future.

Roof Installation in Charlotte NC: With so many different variables affecting your roofing options, you’ll most assuredly get the best quality roofing material and labor by choosing a professional. Trying to install, repair, or replace your roof without the aid of a contractor is like trying to work on your own vehicle transmission—it is best left to the professionals.

Not only are our new roof installation contractors good at what they do, they know when to do it. At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we’ll tell you if your roof needs a simple roof repair or a more in-depth approach. We will also let you know when it is the best time for roof repairs or a new roof installation, provided that your situation is not an emergency. Our first priority is your satisfaction.

Charlotte Roof Installation: Professional roof installation is easy and affordable when you work with our Charlotte roofing company. Looking for Harrisburg roof installation? We have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly assist customers located throughout the communities of Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord, Harrisburg, and Cornelius, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

There is no guessing involved when you choose to work with us. Our commitment to your 100% satisfaction means that we will always guide you toward the best possible solution for your roof installment.

Getting the job done the right way the first time is of the utmost importance to our team. Luckily, we know how to achieve this goal each and every time. If you want to keep your successful roof installation on time and on budget, work with our experienced and talented team of professional roof installation experts at Evergreen Construction Solutions.

New Roof Installation vs. Roof Repair

Roof repair is the most desirable for the homeowner. Repairs tend to be less expensive and less extensive. Repairs are typically easy to spot. Knowing when to opt for repairs or replace the whole roof can be tough. Fortunately the experts can help you there. If the damage is deemed bad enough, or your roof is old enough, you may need to choose the roof installment option.

Deciding between roof repairs and new roof installation can be tricky, but knowing you need repairs or an installation is fairly straightforward. There are several warning signs you may notice on your roof that indicate you need repairs or a new roof entirely. In addition, certain events in your life may dictate the need to replace your roof or repair it to top-notch condition. Seven are listed below:

  • Selling your house. If you’re looking to sell your house any time soon, you’ll be required to undergo a home inspection before the process begins. Generally most home inspections require at least some roof work to ensure like-new quality. You may even have to replace your roof, particularly if it has been neglected over the years or is very old. A few common roof problems may cause your roof to fail inspection:
    • Bad pipe flashing. Pipe flashing (the sealant at the bottom of ventilation pipes which poke out of your roof) typically needs to be replaced well before the rest of the roof does.
    •  Damaged shingles. Due to a variety of reasons, some shingles become damaged and must be replaced for a roof to pass inspection.
  • Getting new insurance. Getting new insurance, whether because of a new home purchase or a switch in insurance providers, will also require an inspection your roof must pass. If the insurance company determines they would lose money from a faulty roof, they may demand you replace the roof before they will cover your home.
  • Shingle loss. Shingle loss is a fairly simple problem to identify and fix. If you look at your roof and see dark rectangular patches here and there in an otherwise uniform-looking roof, chances are you’re missing a shingle. Shingle loss can happen for a variety of reasons:
    • Weather damage. Any number of elements can cause your shingles to fall off. Pay particular attention if your house rests under a tree. Falling branches can cause damage to roofs during a storm, and clusters of leaves left on the roof can allow moisture to creep in.
    • Decay. Depending on the material of your shingles, certain spots on your roof may begin to rot off.
    • Physical force. Particularly with brittle shingles like slate and clay, the physical force of an object hitting your roof, or even the simple act of walking on it, can cause shingles to break and fall off.

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Leaking areas on your ceiling.

  • If you’ve noticed any areas inside your home that leak, chances are the roof is the culprit. Water doesn’t have to be dripping from the ceiling for you to have a leaky roof, either. Inspect the ceilings in your home for dark spots. While this can occasionally be attributed to plumbing (particularly in a 2-story house), often the problem is a leaky roof. This is a situation that needs to be handled immediately to prevent further damage of property.
  • Wind damage. Wind damage especially affects lighter shingle roofs such as asphalt shingled roofs. High winds can cause shingles to rip off, but damage can also occur if the wind lifts up a shingle and lodges debris underneath. Shingles are sealed so that they should not wiggle in any direction, but if any dirt has become wedged underneath the shingle, this seal can be broken, putting your shingles at risk for the next windy storm.
  • Hail damage. Hail damage is one of the more obvious roofing enemies, but spotting actual damage from its effects can be tricky. An asphalt shingle roof may show no signs of needing hail damage roof repair, but if you inspect any metal on the roof such as a turbine vent box or satellite dish and find hail damage, your roof may have received damage. If your roof is fairly new it can withstand all but the largest hail, but particularly an old roof is at risk.
  • Granular loss. Granular loss occurs when a roof is exposed to extreme elements (heat, wind, freezing, and especially all three) and begins to erode. This happens to older roofs in particular. Here are a few easy ways to determine if your roof is experiencing granular loss:
    • Your gutters contain granules in them, indicating they’ve been washed or blown away.
    • The sides of your house contain granules. It is easiest to spot this type of damage on a concrete surface such as a patio.
    • The right angles of your roof reflect a silver flash. This is evidence that the roofing is wearing away.

If any of these signs apply to you, it’s time to contact Evergreen Construction Solutions. Our Charlotte roofing contractors will be there to help you make the best choices possible both for your budget and for your roof’s durability and aesthetic needs.

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