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Having a Commercial Flat Roof Install in Your Home: What Options Do You Have?

Regardless of the commercial property that you r are re-roofing, you need to ensure that the roof install is carried out correctly, preferably by an experienced roof installation professional. Currently, flat tops are some of the most preferred roof types for commercial buildings. This may be attributed to the fact that flat roofs are comparatively easy to install and are cheaper to maintain. While this is the case, even the flat roofs cannot last forever; at some point, they will need to be replaced. If you are having a flat roof replaced in your property, what options do you have?

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Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)Roof Option: Since PVC materials incorporate plastic into their structure, they are renowned for their stability. Although PVC roofs for commercial buildings may become brittle with time, they are strong and most importantly more affordable and flexible.

Single Ply EPDM: EPDM roof install incorporates rubber compounds. As a result, this roofing option is not only durable; it is also very flexible. The only downside to this roofing option is that it requires regular maintenance. If you are the kind that tends to forget about the roof after installation and only come to think of it when it starts leaking, you should not have a EPDM roof install in your property because it will not last for long.

Thermoplastic Roof Install: Just like the roofing options mentioned above, thermoplastic roof install offers a considerable amount of flexibility. The increasing popularity and preference of this material by roofing contractor and property owners may be attributed to the fact that thermoplastic roofs are resistant to fire. This feature makes them ideal for use in factories. Additionally, this type of flat roof is also resistant to damage by wind and water.

To choose the right option for your commercial roof install project, you need to consider several things, including the nature of damage on the roof you just removed, zoning regulations and rules that may affect the project in your area and tenant concerns.


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