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5 Signs You Need a Roof and Gutter Repair.

Many homeowners assume their roof and gutters should only be repaired if there’s a huge hole or another overwhelming problem. While having a huge hole in your roof is an obvious sign that you should repair your roof, you shouldn’t wait until a problem is that big to repair your roof. So, continue reading to learn about five signs that you need a roof and gutter repair!

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Age: Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a good sum of roof and gutter repairs are due to old age. Even if your roof and gutters appear to be fine, if they haven’t been repaired or replaced for more than twenty years, you should repair your roof and gutters because there is most likely underlying damage.

Loose Parts: Another common reason for roof and gutter repairs is loose parts. If you notice your shingles are clanking against each other or hanging by a corner and your gutter is slowly detaching from your home, then you should definitely consider repairing your roof and gutter.

Excess Debris: In order to minimize how many roof and gutter repairs you might need, you should be regularly cleaning your roof and gutters. While you’re cleaning your roof and gutters, you might notice excess debris inside your gutters from your roof. If so, this is a sign that you need to repair your roof and gutters. The excess shingle debris is most likely due to deteriorating shingles, and too much of that debris could clog and damage your gutters.

Cracks: Since it’s hard to identify interior deterioration within your roof shingles and gutters, you can look for an exterior sign. Typically, deteriorating or damaged shingles and gutters will have a few cracks. You should hire a professional, even if you notice a few small cracks.

Leaks: Lastly, the most obvious reason for roof and gutter repairs is leaks. Leaks can occur due to missing, loose, or old shingles or gutter system. In some unfortunate circumstances, leaks occur due to both reasons.

Even if you’re unsure whether or not you really need to repair your roof and gutters, you should call a professional, such as Evergreen Construction Solutions. Evergreen Construction Solutions will be able to assist you every step along the way and help you repair your roof and gutters.


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