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Roof and Gutter Repair: When to Call a Professional.

Often times, when a roof or gutter system becomes damaged, the other does as well. The same storms, high winds, or fallen limbs that damages one will damage the other, and this is why professionals often work on both aspects of the home. Most roofer’s are also experts in gutter repair, and most gutter repair professionals are proficient in roof repair. Therefore, we’ll explore roof/gutter repair as one entity.

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What Causes Damage?: Most gutter systems and roofing become damaged before the warranty is up due to storms, high winds, or fallen limbs and trees, warranting premature roof/gutter repair. These can all be detrimental to homes, and most homeowners experience one of the above at some point or another. High winds have the power to rip gutters from their rightful place and tear shingles from the home one by one, leaving the whole underneath venerable to flooding and leaks. Storms can include lightning strikes, hail, or rain that damages gutters and roofing, and trees or limbs falling onto a roof line can do more damage than one might expect.

Repair How-To: Roof/gutter repairs can be dangerous to an untrained person. Roofs can be slippery when wet, and the heights of most roofs can be dangerous for falls of any kind. Therefore, it’s best to trust roof/gutter repair to a licensed professional. Professionals have all the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of on-site workers, and they’re trained in roof/gutter repair safety techniques, preventing the risk of injury that could befall someone with little experience in roof/gutter repair.

In the end, any roof or gutter system can become damaged due to heavy rains and storms, high winds, and surprise tree and limb falls onto the home. However, roof/gutter repairs can be simple once a professional is involved, making sure to keep you and your home safe and secure against injury or a leaky roof and gutter system.


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