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Hire a Roof Contractor to Repair Water Damage on Your Roof.

An experienced roof contractor will attest to the fact water damage is among the commonest roof repair problems today. If not addressed in time, water damage can ruin the roof on your property to an extent that you have to replace the entire roof. Rather than wait for this to happen, it is highly advisable to hire a knowledgeable and experienced roof contractor to inspect the type of water damage on your roof, its cause and repair the roof in time to avoid a costly replacement. Repairing water damage may not be a cheap project, depending on the extent of the damage on the roof and any associated health issues like mold growth, but is definitely cheaper than replacing the entire roof.  Throughout this article, you will learn the various causes of water damage and you can avoid them in future.

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Common Causes of Roof Water Damage: It is obvious that the water damage on your roof is being caused by standing water on the roof, but what is causing the water to stagnate? Regardless of the type of roof installed on your home, a qualified roof contractor will install it in such a way that rain water can freely drain from the roof. Even so, there are several things that can affect the drainage on your roof and cause water to pool on the roof, some of which include:

  • Failed downspout and gutters
  • Broken sump pump
  • Improper grading
  • Leaky roof
  • Failed bathtub or toilet seal
  • Blocked drainage pipe
  • Foundation malfunction
  • Frozen pipes bursting

Fixing Water Damage: One of the best ways to avoid water damage on your roof is to hire a qualified roof contractor to install your roof. This is because some installation mistakes can cause water to stand on your roof, hence damage it. If water has pooled on your roof and is damaging it, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the water. Again, how you remove standing water on your roof will depend on what is causing the water to stand.  In this regard, it is advisable to hire an experienced roof contractor to resolve any water damage on your roof and prevent the problem from occurring again in future.


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