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Algae and Mold on Rooftops.

One thing that can happen to a home in Charlotte, NC, that looks horrible is mold and algae growth. It looks streaky and black and moldy and is a cosmetic eye-sore. It does not need to be replaced because it is mainly a cosmetic issue that occurs in warmer climates, but it is the cause of many people seeking roof cleaning in Charlotte, NC. Roof cleaning is a much more sensible solution to replacing the shingle if the shingle is not damaged, although many people have the first instinct to simply replace unsightly shingles.

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Some feel comfortable with cleaning themselves, but if not Evergreen Construction Solutions can help with your roof cleaning in Charlotte, NC. The easiest and least expensive way to do it is to spray wash the roof with a water/bleach solution to kill the algae. If you use a pressure washer, it could damage the shingles, and you have to be sure to protect the rest of your home and other plants. Charlotte, NC has a lot of roof cleaning contractors, and it’s best to contact one of them to help you with this so that you do not inadvertently cause damage by trying to save money.

Why is this growth happening? Some believe it’s due to fillers being added to aslphalt shingles due to a shortage of petroleum.  Calcium carbonate was included as one of these, but the problem is that it is a food product that helps feed the algae, moss, and lichen. Companies are working on changing the formula to reduce this problem, but roof cleaning in Charlotte NC is definitely still a necessity until the results are conclusive.

If you would like to avoid roof cleaning due to moss or algae, you can try the following:

  • Trim trees so that more sunlight will reach the roof and fewer leaves, branches, etc will fall on the roof.
  • Create a plan to regularly remove dirt and debris from your roof so that it doesn’t create an area where moss and algae can grow.
  • Make sure that your roofing contractor or roof cleaning professional directs airflow down the roof slope to avoid dirt under shingles.
  • Clean your gutters regularly.

If in doubt, contact Evergreen Construction Solutions so that we can help you with your roof cleaning needs in Charlotte, NC.


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