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Replacing your Home’s Windows.

Window damage is an intimidating reality. If you own a home, your chances of coming across window damage is a real likelihood, and knowing what to do when this happens will help the possibility seem less daunting. While your course of action can differ depending on your situation, this step by step process will be helpful as an overall checklist.

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Determine the Type of Windows you Have: If you live in a very old house, it’s likely your windows are no longer being manufactured. Otherwise, in the sash of every window, or along the opening side on a casement window, should reveal a manufacturer and item dumber, which will serve as a starting point to finding a replacement window. If your Windows are no longer in production, you can find something that looks remarkably close, though your options will be limited.

Find a Supplier: If your window is under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement window and installation. Otherwise, it’s best to find a window supplier who will also install the window for you. Your supplier should be an expert in windows and should be able to help find the exact window to match what was damaged. While not all suppliers can install your window for you, it’s best to find one that will unless you have a particular contractor you trust to install windows for you. If your windows  aren’t in production any longer, a good supplier should be able to find a modern replacement to match your old one.

Consider All New Windows: An important consideration (for much older homes) would be to replace all the windows. Finding a suitable replacement can be more costly due to its custom nature, but replacing the entire home’s windows can serve to open cheaper options while providing an energy-saving update to the home.

Enjoy!: Once your project has been completed by your supplier and installation professional, your house replacement project is complete. It’s important to note that it’s often possible to avoid having to replace house windows  by observing certain precautions and maintenance checks. Avoiding impact to a window will effectively prevent breakage while observing potential malfunctions during the warranty period can prevent worsened damages after the warranty period has ended.


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