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Repair Roofs – One of the Many Things We Do.

Roofing materials aren’t one size fits all. Today there are a variety of materials that are used for roofing, but the quality is an important factor. Through the use of various techniques, Evergreen Roofing offers the highest quality repair in Charlotte, NC. Our experienced roofers handle only the best materials. They are consulted to handle all roof repair needs and are able to identify previously used materials to determine the best course of action. Our technicians are also rooted in honesty when it comes to deciding if a roof needs to be replaced entirely or if only a repair is needed. Quality materials and installation, combined with our team of experienced roofers, Evergreen Roofing can guarantee your roof will last the lifetime of your home.

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At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we do many things for our customers. One of the most common is to repair roofs. We know that when you think about roofs leaking and needing repair, you are not always in the best frame of mind or excited about the prospect of shelling out capital for something that should already be in functional order. Our customer service is one thing that sets us apart from other companies that repair roofs. We know that when you have a problem with your home, you want the repair to happen as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If you find that your roof is leaking, we can help you locate the flaw that is causing the leak. Sometimes an adventurous homeowner can climb up on roofs to find the issue with a flashlight and a detective’s mind, but the norm is that you want you repair and you want it fast. That’s when you can call us at Evergreen Construction Solutions. We will help you with the problems that are complex or just plain pesky. We are passionate about our job to repair roofs. Let us repair yours.

We can repair roofs that are too steep for an inexperienced homeowner to maneuver. We know how to maintain our own safety when repairing roofs that are old and dangerous. We also have all the tools to repair roofs, whereas you may have to go buy tools for a job that may still need the opinion of a professional.

Don’t leave the quality of your roof to chance. We will repair it for you as we have many roofs before yours. Contact Evergreen Construction Solutions to repair your roof as quickly as possible. Our passion for customer service will keep your peace of mind, and we also will take into account your budget and schedule. Let us know how we can serve you.


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