Repair Roof

Repair Roof.

It’s always an annoying situation. You find a spot on the ceiling is wet, or, worse, an active drip in a rainstorm. This is always a harbinger of disaster to come if you do not take care of the repair necessary. Most likely you will need a new roof or a roof repair. The typical roof is under warranty for about 20 years, so that is often a gauge of whether you will need a replacement or repair, based upon the type of damage sustained to your individual roof.

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Evergreen Construction Solutions can help you decide what is needed to fix your leaky problem. If your roof is less than twenty years old, you can probably have us repair it. It will likely have more useful, leak-free time ahead. If it is near or over twenty, the roof may need to be replaced. It is disheartening to think of having to shell out that money, but a new roof is an investment in your home that is very important and can raise the value. We can determine if a repair will easily happen with a replacement of a shingle or two. But if there has been significant wind, rain, or other weather disaster, you may want to go beyond roof repair.

When planning a roof repair or replacement, you need to look at your budget and other needs of the home. Of course, a simple roof repair would be easier in terms of cost, but if you have the means and significant problems, you may want to thing long term and go with a replacement.

Evergreen Construction Solutions is here to help with your repair and will walk you through each step in the process. We know that it is hard to make decisions about the roof, one of your most important home features. We can give you more information about what needs to be done and will schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.


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