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Serving the Queen City Roofing Needs.

Evergreen Construction Solutions is here to serve the queen city roofing needs. As professional roofers we take pride in our work and strive to do work that is befitting a queen city.
Roofing serves several functions. The most basic is to keep the interior of a structure dry. A roof also provides installation and helps to reduce heating and cooling cost. A quality roof should also be a value because it is durable and gives many years of trouble free service.
However, there is one other thing; Charlotte is the queen city. Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte, which is why the city carries the moniker of the queen city. At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we believe living in the “queen city” means that every customer should be treated with respect and courtesy, just as if they were all royals. The term queen city also means we have an obligation to take pride in our work because a queen city should have homes that are pleasant to the eye.

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Evergreen Construction Solutions: Attention to Detail: At Evergreen Construction Solutions, we pay attention to the extra details that are involved in meeting the queen city roofing needs. When we do a job, we do it right. We look for that extra something that makes the difference between a roofing job being good and being great. It could be making sure not one single discarded shingle is left laying about, or it could mean taking the extra time needed to make sure you get the exact roof you want.

At queen city, we understand that your home is more than a physical structure; it is your castle. Our goal is to meet the queen city roofing needs by serving our customers with respect, courtesy and delivering a quality product that is a value. We install quality roofs, but more than that, we put that extra effort in serving our customers.


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