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Types of wQuality Vinyl Siding.

While there are many types of siding to choose from for your home – wood siding, brick and stone, stucco, and vinyl siding – one stands above the rest as the most affordable type, and that’s vinyl siding. However, just because vinyl siding can be very affordable doesn’t mean quality vinyl siding doesn’t exist. There are many styles and colors for quality vinyl siding, and here are some of them.

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Cedar Shake Look: Vinyl siding engineering technology has progressed rapidly in the past decade, making it more believable as an alternative to other materials, like cedar shakes. From the road, quality vinyl siding in the form of a cedar shake look is almost indistinguishable from actual cedar shakes. It comes in a range of natural stained wood look colors, making it ideal for any tonal or color scheme.

Wood Shake Look: Another form of quality vinyl siding, not to be confused with a cedar shake look, is a normal wood shake look vinyl siding. It comes in an array of colors and sizes, making it perfect as an accent staple or as a whole-home siding option. It looks like regular wood shakes, and doesn’t just come in stained-wood looks. There are almost infinite color selections, befitting any design and color choice.

Lap Siding: The most common form of quality vinyl siding is lap siding, of which there are several styles and sizes. Different manufacturers offer different levels of quality and different aesthetics, and most offer many colors to suite any home’s color scheme. Vinyl lap siding is beautifully accented by any other type of siding. It can look very craftsman with a brick foundation and brick columns and brick trim around the windows. Lap siding can come in skinny and wide strips, making it perfect for many style choices.

Regardless the siding you choose, quality vinyl siding can make a beautiful accent whole home cover for any style or type of home. Prepare to make your home stand out from the rest by mixing styles and types, displaying your personality to all who pass by your home.


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