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How to Estimate Plank Siding Cost.

Would you like to improve the visual appeal of your home from the outside? If so, you should consider replacing or installing plank siding on your home. Owing to their growing popularity, an increased number of homeowners are enquiring about the average plank siding cost from the leading installation contractors in the country. Well, the cost of installing any type of siding is not constant, but rather varies from one installation project to another. The much you pay for your new plank installation will depend on several factors. Some of the factors that will affect this project have been discussed below for your guidance.

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The Cost of Plank Siding: The majority of plank siding types, including paint grade horizontal siding, square channel shiplap, Shiplap, bevel siding profile and cove shiplap ranges between $436.73 and $605.71 per square foot. This figure will vary depending on other factors mentioned below. However, you need to bear in mind that the primed quantity of this siding includes material for repair, typical wastage and local delivery.

Installation Supplies: The much your plank siding installation project will cost is also dependent on the additional installation materials you will require for the project. Some of the commonest installation materials for such a project include flashing and exterior grade caulking, corrosion resistant fasteners, sealants and weather stripping.

Installation Labour Costs: The average cost mentioned above also includes labour installation cost, under favourable site conditions. Some of the plank installation tasks that will require skilled manpower include the installation of flashed water table on the foundation, fabricating and attaching the primed plank siding on to the vapour barrier and the framing of blind nail to wall. Although the professional installing your siding should know this, caulk and scarf joints should be used on all the seams during the installation process. The labour cost part of the plank siding cost estimate should also include the planning, material acquisition and well as the equipment that will be used on the site.

With regards to labour costs, the experience and expertise of your preferred installation professional will determine the much you pay. The qualified and experienced plank installation contractors are comparatively more expensive, but are the right choice for your project. to get a more accurate quote, including the exact plank siding cost, you should consult with an experienced installation contractor near you.


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