North Carolina roofing and guttering

Trends for North Carolina Roofing and Guttering.

North Carolina is a unique state in that it spans mountains, foothills, and beach in one single state. This can make North Carolina a beautifully eclectic mix of cabin and beach styled homes, and everything in between. The Southern state’s unique landscape and rich history mean that North Carolina has antique and contemporary, rustic and sleek. Here are some North Carolina exterior home trends, including North Carolina roofing and siding, soffit, and gutters.

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Rain Chains: Because all of North Carolina is temperate in climate, rain is prevalent throughout the year. Homeowners with porches will often use rain chains or something similar instead of gutter downspouts, creating a waterfall effect using copper or aluminum links to usher water to the appropriate area on the ground.

Contemporary Craftsman: Craftsman houses were ramped throughout the United States in the early to mid 1900’s, including North Carolina. These homes utilized details in clean lines and subtle texture and have had a revival in contemporary style in North Carolina. It’s not as sleek as contemporary, and not as quaint as craftsman style, but marries the two to form a style that’s gained popularity in the South East. This appears in North Carolina roofing and siding in the form of architectural shingles and wood board and baton siding and wood shake siding.

Beach Style: To expound on more than just North Carolina roofing and guttering, beach style can find itself in details like exposed rafters and cool tones. This style mixes beautifully with popular minimalistic or sleek contemporary styles, creating a cohesive aesthetic for someone who enjoys a clean, homey feel. These and other aspects can echo the beach vibe of Eastern North Carolina.

These styles and more sum up the eclectic stylings of North Carolina’s homes, leaving many options for people interested in a North Carolina roofing and siding project.


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