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Had a New Roof Installed? Remember to Maintain and Inspect it Regularly.

After having a new roof installed in their homes or business premises, many property owners tend to forget about them until something bad happens to the roofs. Unlike such property owners, you should remember to have your roof maintained regularly and inspected for possible damage every three to five years. This way, it will be very unlikely for any roof problem to find you unaware because you will know the condition of your roof at any particular time. Basically, a quality roof can serve you for 20 to 25 years. If not well maintained and regularly inspected by a professional, the roof on your property will not serve you for that long. With regards to maintenance and inspection of roofs after installation, these are some of the problems a professional can help you avoid.

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Structural Weakening and Damage: A roof comprises of many underlying parts, including the supporting structures. With time, these parts may weaken due to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions. Hailstorms and heavy snow are also known to damage roofs. With regular maintenance and inspection by a professional, it will be easy for you to identify such problems in time and repair them before they escalate into bigger issues.

Damage by Snow and Water: After having a new roof installed, you may content in the knowledge that you bought quality roofing materials, which are supposed to be strong. While this is true, the materials will weaken gradually as time goes by. If not regularly checked, tinny problems with then start to develop in the roof, which can cause even bigger problems, if not addressed in time. For instance, after seven years without maintenance and inspection, the insulation may begin to absorb water and spreading it in the attic. This continued weakening of the structure also predisposes your roof to damage by storms.

Having a new roof installed is an important step, but you need to go a mile further and ensure that it remains in good condition and strong for many years to come. Remember to have your roof maintained and inspected by a professional roofer in the city.


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