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North Carolina is a melting pot of a state. Residents come from all over the world, and yet there are a lot of multi-generational families within the state. With so much diversity in the citizens of NC, there are bound to be many styles that come together to create an overall identity. This applies in both people and architectures, and there are certain architectural styles that are particularly characteristic of North Carolina. Here are some NC siding and windows, interior, and landscaping styles that are characteristic to the Old North State.

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History Plays a Part: North Carolina is rich in history, having been founded in the 1700’s. Many towns have buildings that point to the early 1800’s and homes that are rich in historic character. Trends can point to certain time periods, and many historic downtowns have a beautiful mingling of characteristics from different time periods. Homes from the 1800’s often use brick siding and true divided lite windows, while craftsman bungalows from the 1920’s utilize whole-home cedar shakes and board and baton siding.

The Beach Style: North Carolina is one of the only states to have an ocean as well as mountain ranges and, these styles are very evident on the far ends of the state. Beach style houses use a lot of vinyl and composite wood lap siding to withstand the harsh salty air and frequent hurricanes during certain periods of the year. As far as windows are concerned, beach style homes usually upgrade Windows to provide greater weather-control against the salty air.

Mountain Cabin Style Homes: North Carolina mountains are full of cabinet houses. These homes’ NC siding and windows can be described with one word: wood! Wood siding of every kind, but particularly wood logs, can be seen all through the North Carolina mountains. Windows are also often made of wood, usually stained, and wood trim is utilized both inside and outside.

While these styles are more concentrated in their respective areas of origin, they can be seen throughout the entire state, as styles mingle and morph and change. NC siding and windows, along with other home characteristics, have trends throughout the state, but every area has an eclectic use of architectural style to create a melting pot state.


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