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Evergreen Roofing takes pride in providing quality metal roofing systems to homes and businesses. Through professional installation and maintenance services, our team ensures your needs are met and your budget is respected. Investing in a metal roofing system for your next roofing project is an exceptional choice in terms of durability and success.

Metal is used as a roofing material that is gaining popularity by the day. Evergreen provides this as an option to many of our clients. Moving forward with a metal roof you will reap many benefits. Roofs receive constant weather exposure and which can ultimately decrease the integrity and lifespan. Home and business owners should understand that a metal roof will improve their property’s energy efficiency which will save them time and money. Allow our team to offer you peace of mind with a free inspection to see if your home is a good fit for a new metal roofing system.

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Longer Lasting Metal Roofs

The cost of a metal roof can be a significant deciding factor for many. Installing a new metal roof can be expensive, but when compared to other options it is not the most expensive. Although the material itself may cost more, it is important to understand the longevity will be worth the cost. For example, because a metal roof will last longer than an asphalt shingle, in the long run, it’ll last longer than an asphalt roof that’ll have to be replaced.

Choosing a metal roof has many advantages. One of the pros to a metal roof is it can last longer than other materials; many times as long as the house itself. Unlike other materials, metal roofs do not easily fall victim to rot, mildew, insects, or fire. Because of its makeup, metal, unlike wood or concrete, has specific properties that can make it a top choice. Metal reflects the sun, which will allow you to save on the heating and cooling costs of your home or business. These roofs are also virtually impenetrable to fluids such as rain and snow, keeping the water out. If the metal chosen is of a darker shade, it can encourage snow to melt when heated, allowing it to easily slide off your roof. Another advantage to choosing a metal roof is that it is more lightweight than it’s tile or concrete counterparts. This can save you money on additional structural support. Metal roofs are also quick and easy to install, which can save your money on labor costs.

Evergreen Roofing in Charlotte, NC provides all types of metal roofing materials. Our clients benefit from a wide range of choices for their new roof. Some of the common roofing materials requested by our clients are aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel.

Aluminum is cheaper than most other metal materials. It is easy to work with as it is lightweight. Aluminum will not rust but it does have a tendency to ding or bend more easily than steel. This type of material would not be recommended for commercial properties.

Copper is a more expensive metal roofing material that comes with that signature copper color. A beautiful option for many, however, the price tag is a drawback as it requires specialty installation.

Galvanized steel falls in between the two previously mentioned materials. Cheaper than copper but more durable than aluminum, it has become the most popular over the years. It is an affordable option that is accompanied by strength and durability.

Why Choose Metal Roofing in Charlotte, North Carolina?

  • Metal roofs can withstand extreme winds; up to 125 mph
  • A wide range of colors and styles allows it to mesh with both modern and historical
  • All products come with a 20 to 50 year warranty
  • Metal roofs can be recycled, making them environmentally friendly

Our highly trained experts are skilled to provide quick installation and repair with a no-hassle guarantee. Give us a call today and one of our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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